From the Philippines to the Fox Valley, WI

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Article by Alyssa Pankau | Edited by James Rashid | Photos by Annabelle Wojahn


In the Philippines, everyone’s had chicken adobo before. It’s served in every region of the country, though there are many variations on the popular dish. The Kibbons, who moved to Oshkosh about five years ago, share their family’s take on the meal below.

The Kibbons with Alyssa and Annabelle.

Friends, Sugar Cane and Beaches

Cooking familiar food is one of the many ways the Kibbons remember their home in Bacolod City, Philippines. They also miss the weather, their friends, sugar cane, and the beaches. Their hometown is the kind of place where everyone knows each other and can comfortably roam free, especially at the beach. The Kibbons loved building sand castles and searching for fish and crabs hiding under rocks. Not everything’s perfect in Bacolod though. Urbanization is on the rise, which means less sugar cane and more pollution.

Great Food & American Convenience

Still, eating great food has a way of unlocking the best memories. The Kibbons enjoy fried or grilled meat with soup (their favorite dish) and regularly cook with garlic salt (a common ingredient in Filipino food) to remind them of home. They also have to admit cooking in the U.S. is quite a bit easier than in the Philippines since Americans use rice cookers and electric ovens. Wood fire stoves common in the Philippines can make cooking more difficult.

A Taste of the Philippines

So enjoy this chicken adobo recipe courtesy of the Kibbons family. Most of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store, and the Kibbons recommend eating it with your hands (a requirement in their house!) as most Filipinos would do.


Filipino Adobo with Rice

(A marinated chicken dish)

Recipe by Lendry Alderoza and Lhyn Kibbons

Ingredients List:

3 cups dry rice & water | 2 lbs chicken, cut into small pieces | 1 onion, sliced | 4 cloves garlic, minced | 2-3 bay leaves | 2 tsp black pepper | 2/3 cup soy sauce | 1/3 cup vinegar | 2 cubes chicken bouillon | 7 peeled hard-boiled eggs | 7 peeled potatoes (optional)


1.) Cook rice of your preference, usually white calrose rice, following the directions on the packaging.

2.) While the rice is cooking, combine all remaining ingredients in a large pot.

3.) (Optional) Add whole potatoes for a Wisconsin twist!

4.) Cook adobo mixture on medium high heat for 20 minutes or until fully cooked.

5.) Serve over rice and enjoy!


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