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Advisor & Advocate

Born in Wisconsin and resided in Japan for the first 12 years of adult life. Awarded a Master's of Science degree in Education. Taught ESL at St. Norbert College (DePere, WI).  Currently working as English to Speakers of Other Languages Program Coordinator for the Oshkosh Area School District.  BFI was launched to support those with diverse ethnic foundations so that they can thrive.



Contributor & Advocate

Born and raised in Russia. Studied Linguistics and Education at the Kurgan State University, Kurgan, Russia, majored in English and minored in German.  Attended the exchange program at Lawrence University, Appleton, WI. Graduated from the Kurgan State with MA in English and Education. Awarded MA in Linguistics from the University of Chicago. Taught English as a Second Language at Triton Community College, River Grove, IL and Dominican University, River Forest, IL. Taught Russian and English as a Second Language at Fox Valley Technical College and St. Norbert College. Currently teaching English as a Second Language at the Center for Global Engagement, St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI.

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Contributor & Advocate

Deb Martin, Wisconsin native, is a community advocate, who retired from Project Management in transportation at Kraft Foods, Chicago.  She has a Master's degree in Business Administration. Deb has been a hunger advocate for 30+ years and had interest in global travel her entire life. She is a volunteer driver for World Relief and for refugee children at Zion church events and is active in several non-profits in Oshkosh and in her church.



Contributor & Advocate

Yessra Sankari has joined the BFI team as board treasurer. Yessra is an Arab-American, raised in Oshkosh, fluent in English and Arabic. She was awarded a Bachelors of Arts from Ripon College. Currently, managing a youth of refugee background mentoring program.   

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Technology Advisor & 

Pacific Islander and Midwestern heritage. Friendly neighborhood technology enthusiast with global leadership experience in Hospitality Business Management, Computer Information Systems, and Supply Chain Management. Passion for helping with technology needs large and small.

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Public Health Advisor

Welcome friends! My name is Naomi and I was born on the northernmost island of Japan called Hokkaido and grew up in a charming little town on the northern part of mainland Japan called Souma, Aomori. I spoke English in the home but talked to friends, extended family, and did my homework in Japanese. I moved to the United States when I was in 4th grade and have been in Wisconsin until graduating from UW-Madison. I am now working as a nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.



Home Inspection Consultant & Gen Ed Instructor

Toni has a Doctorate degree in Education. She provides English education for BFI clients and has been discovering the varying needs of newly arrived immigrants and supports them in their journey.  Mark has a master's degree in Instructional Design and an extensive background in building inspections with an environmental emphasis. He came on board to assist clients interested in buying or improving their own homes, using his professional skill set.  Toni & Mark want to make the world a better place, continuing with the world of Northeast Wisconsin!